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Media Arts



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The basic television production essentials are covered. Training is given in the function and operation of all basic television facilities, including camera, microphones, switcher, teleprompter video camera, editors, and lighting equipment. The direction and production of basic types of programs are taught and practiced. Students learn to handle all of the basic staff positions on the TV studio production team, including producing, video editing, anchoring, and more.

Beginning Journalism

Through study and hands-on practice, students are trained in the fundamental principles, techniques, and craft of contemporary journalism. This is accomplished through a combination of lecture, demonstration, in-class hands-on production, and the students’ own work.

Each student produces news projects including a newspaper, broadcast, and photography artifact, employing programs including fFinal Cut, Imovie, Photoshop, and Indesign. This intensive course provides a strong introduction to necessary digital and journalism skills.

Literary Magazine

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