Health Sciences

Biomedical & Sports Medicine

This academy provides a foundation for a variety of careers in the medical field such as physician, athletic trainer, nutritionist, paramedic, home health aide, pharmacy tech, registered nurse, and others.


This is a broad field encompassing many different medical and health care disciplines. These include biochemistry, biomedical engineering, dentistry, forensics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, physiology, radiological sciences, and more. Upon successful completion, the Health/Biomedical Sciences Academy will provide students with a variety of opportunities for college and career readiness.

Sports Medicine

Through a partnership with Andrews Sports Medicine and St. Vincent's Hospital, students will be provided with an introduction, intermediate, and advanced sports medicine courses to employ principles of growth and development in assessing the status of athletes. Course content will include the study of anatomy, dietary requirements, emergency plans, and technical skills. Hands-on skills are acquired that relate to health issues concerning athletes as students work in healthcare teams and as they learn appropriate communications for addressing specific populations.