Pelham Unidos/ United

Club Purpose 

We serve as advocates who bring cultural awareness to Pelham High School.

As diversity on the campus increases, we will use this opportunity to educate ourselves about the various traditions in order to promote understanding and unity.


This multicultural club is open to anyone interested in this cause.

Positive attitude!

Pay Dues!

Be active in club activities!

Approved Community Service 

Day of the Dead           (Non-profit Volunteering)

#youmatter                   (School/Student Outreach)

Gingerbread Bash        (Bice Squad)

Panther Fest                 (Parent/Teacher Outreach)

Waffles and Ice-cream  (Teacher Appreciation) 

Meeting Dates 

B Club Day


President            Bianca Arceo

Vice-President    Marlen Saavedra and Kelly Cisneros

Secretary            Vanessa Cisneros

PR/ Advisors       Noha Obaid and Alana Harrison

Fees/ Dues