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Dr. Wilbanks' Message to Parents & Students

Dear Parents, Students, and Families, 

Even though we are living in uncertain times, I want to assure you that Pelham High School’s commitment to you remains unchanged. We have been working diligently over the past two weeks to prepare an academic experience for your child that is still as robust and engaging as we hope you have come to expect from our educators. Although the classroom will look and operate differently for the next few weeks, you will find our faculty and staff flexible in meeting the needs of your student and family while keeping in mind that schoolwork should not pose an additional burden on top of the hardships you may be facing. 

Instruction will take the form of distance learning via the Google Classroom platform for the remainder of the school year. Beginning on April 6, 2020, teachers will post one lesson each Monday that addresses the most critical remaining standards in credit bearing classes. Students must complete the required, standards based lessons and submit them to their teacher. These lessons should take approximately 30 minutes each to complete. Grades will be based on the student’s submission of the completed work and feedback provided by the student and teacher. Some teachers may post future assignments to Google Classroom in advance and students may work ahead if they choose to do so.  It is important that students do their assignments each week in order to stay on track to finish the school year in good standing. If your student is behind on their assignments due to reasons related to our closure, please reach out to their teachers.  

Enrichment lessons will be offered in classes where critical standards were already met prior to school closing and as students complete critical standards through April and May. We encourage students to take advantage of the enrichment lessons provided in their classes, but these lessons are optional, for feedback purposes, and will not be graded. Students will have the opportunity to submit their work and complete enrichment through the last day of school, which is May 21, 2020.  

Pelham High students should be familiar with logging onto Google Classroom and using its resources, but teachers are available if you need assistance. Our teachers will be checking their email throughout regular school hours and will return your emails in a timely manner. In the same vein, if your student needs assistance understanding concepts, completing lessons, or simply needs feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher. Teachers will primarily correspond with your student through Google Classroom, email, and/or Remind. 

Beyond academics, I understand that you have many questions concerning belongings left in the building, refunds, acquiring purchased items such as yearbooks and graduation attire, and canceled/postponed events. These uncertainties bother us too and we are working conscientiously to find solutions. We do ask for your patience as health guidelines will largely dictate what we can do and when it may happen. Please note the following:

  • PHS will release a form by April 7 that will allow you to request essential items that may have been left in the school by your student. If the requested item(s) are essential to the student, then administration will arrange a time and date for the student to pick up the item(s) outside of the school building. Non-essential items will be available for pick-up at the schools at a later date once our health protocols are lifted.

  • Our bookkeepers are working on a plan for processing refunds. The district expects to communicate the plan by April 10. 

  • We will share a plan for purchased item distribution when health protocols allow. Remember, however, that some orders may be delayed due to the current health crisis. Please check your email and PHS/PCS websites for updates. 

  • We are strictly adhering to health protocols related to COVID-19, which makes issuing a date for traditional spring events impossible at present. Please know we certainly want to recognize our seniors and we hope to give you more information in late spring concerning events. 

Our students have shown their great work ethic and resiliency in all that they do and we are confident that they will rise to this new challenge.  As in all things, we are here to not only help and support them, but to teach them new and important material. We stand ready and willing to take on these new demands alongside you and your student.  Our business has and always will be educating and loving children. It is what we do. It is The Pelham Way.  


Dr. Amanda Wilbanks