Club Purpose 

Someone who acts as a student representative to facilitate visitors, teachers, and other organizations while promoting a sense of community within the school.


  • Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
  • Must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be an all-around good student with a positive reputation; a student should really consider whether you should apply if a discipline record exists, or if attendance has been a problem in the past or present.
  • Must complete the application process
  • Must get two teachers from the previous school year to complete the teacher recommendation forms
  • Must be available to attend  meetings and to serve at events around the community and within our school

Approved Community Service 

Open House, Pelham Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, College and Curriculum Night, Graduation Night, Honor Society Inductions, Senior Awards Night, Awards Day, any other applicable school events as scheduled by principal 

Meeting Dates 

B Club Day 

Sept. 12th Informational Meeting (3-3:30 PM)

Sept. 25th  (B Club Meeting During School):

October (TBD for Picture Date) 

Nov. 20th  (B Club Meeting During School):

January 15th  (After School 3-3:30 PM)

Feb. 26th  (B Club Meeting During School):

April 22nd  (B Club Meeting During School):


President: Bianca Arceo

Vice President: Carrington Mills

Secretary: Gigi Germek

Fees/ Dues 

Ambassador dues are $20, which will cover the purchase of a green blouse for females to wear under their black blazers or a green and gold tie for male Ambassadors to wear with their suits.