Club Purpose 

Female leaders who strive to do better than ever before what work they have to do; by being prompt, honest, courteous; by living each day, trying to accomplish something, not merely to exist. 


Applications go out in April the year before. They have to fill out the form and have a 3.0 GPA. 

Approved Community Service 

Bluff Park Art Show- The girls work in the childrens' area by painting faces and leading art projects (with other juniorettes from other schools) Daddy Daughter dance- The girls organize, plan, decorate and run the dance. Exceptional Students' Prom- The girls organize, plan, decorate and run the dance. Blanket fundraiser- The girls come together around christmas time and make blankets to donate to the warming stations, and/or battered women shelters.

Meeting Dates 

B Club Day

Juniorettes meet the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm


President – Carmen Love

     Vice President – Jesse Clopton

     Secretary – Jeanie Cabaniss

     Historian – Nevaeh McIntyre

Fees/ Dues 

Usually the Juniorettes want sweatshirts, so they pay extra to get them, but the t-shirt is included in the fee price of $35.00.