Soccer Sweeties

Club Purpose 

Soccer Sweeties support the PHS Varsity Boys' soccer team. They pack goody bags, make locker magnets and posters, and work at the games at the ticket table and concession stand.


Applications go out at the end of September. They have to have two teacher references. 

Approved Community Service 

Earn service hours by working the games

Meeting Dates 

B Club Day Soccer sweeties meet once a month before the season, and during the season they meet after school on game days to prepare the goodybags and make signs. 


There is just a president of the Soccer Sweeties who helps organize the coverage for games, designs t-shirts, and leads meetings.

Fees/ Dues 

The Soccer Sweeties have an opportunity to buy a sweatshirt if they want it. ($20)


Fee is $40 which includes entrance to all PHS soccer games, snacks for the goody bags, and a t-shirt and ribbon.