Peer Helpers

Club Purpose 

These are students who are trained to recognize when their peers may have a problem, listen to fellow students confidentially and assist them with emotional, societal, or academic struggles.  These students work on opening up conversations about bullying, fitting in and being proud of whom you are


Application and interview process take place in April for the upcoming school year.

Approved Community Service 

Pumpkins Galore to benefit the teenagers at Children’s Hospital
Outside In Day 
Impact at PHS
New Student Welcome
Mr. PHS 
6th Grade Goals Day

Meeting Dates 

A Club Day

Last Wednesday of every month


President: Erin Long

Vice President:  Ashley Anderson

Secretary:  Emma McKenney

Treasurer:  Shaun O’Neil

Fees/ Dues 

$100.00 for summer training and tshirt

Peer HelpersPeer Helpers